Getting Started

  • Determine area to be covered
  • Measure area and consider depth of coverage
  • Select the products or type of coverage material to be used
  • Determine weed barrier and edging product to be used
  • List other necessary tools (wheelbarrow, shovels, rakes, gloves, etc.)
  • Calculate the quantity and cost of products needed



  • Order products and materials to be delivered
  • Gather weed barrier (landscape fabric), edging product and tools
  • Site preparation
  • Clean off the designated area of any existing weeds, debris and large rocks
  • Install the edging so it overlaps at each joint, secure in place
  • Begin installing the landscape fabric from lower areas to higher areas
  • Overlap fabric a minimum of 4" at joints and 3" at foundations and edging
  • Install fabric so higher area fabric overlaps on top of lower area fabric
  • Always overlap fabric so any drainage flows over joints rather than under
  • Installation of product
  • Begin installing product at the low end of the area, work toward high end
  • This offers a foundation to work from, walking on installed product, not fabric
  • When all area is covered sufficiently, rake smooth for uniformity of appearance
  • Wash the rock products with a garden hose to clean off dirt and enhance color

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